Guiness Contact Lenses

There was a time when I wore contact lenses. The novelty wore off but I still wore them. Eventually, I had to ditch them. One of the few downsides of wearing contacts is the pain of removing them. In one case, I woke up with a large green ball in my eye, which was no fun at all. That's when I decided to see a doctor. Thankfully, my doc was a bit of a geek. She performed a plethora of tests. Some aforementioned tests revealed that my glasses were riddled with pseudomonas, a bacteria that can cause a lot of eyeball squinting. This nifty affliction can lead to the big kahuna, aka permanent blindness. After consulting with the ophthalmologist, my aforementioned horror show was resolved. It's a good thing I didn't wear glasses all day, or I would have been an eyeball squinter myself.

Interestingly, the ophthalmologist mentioned that he had to remove a number of contact lenses for a number of reasons. As such, it is a bit of a surprise that I got to see him in the first place. Indeed, my oculars have seen better days. So, the next time I am on the prowl for the proverbial good time, I'll take a bet.

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