SCL Contact Lenses - Therapeutic Lenses

Hand painted soft lenses may be beneficial in a wide range of eye defects, both cosmetic and optical. From simple, occlusive black pupils to large, stabilized offset irises for the cosmetic masking of strabismus, many conditions may be helped by our contact lenses.

Hand Painted Contact Lenses

Hand Painted Contact Lenses

Hand Painted Contact Lenses

You can see close-up images of the pictures shown above and examples of our work in our photo gallery of therapeutic lenses.

It is possible for patients to visit our studio near London for colour matching. Please ask your practitioner to contact us for details.


Hand Painted Contact LensesProsthetic lenses are generally used to cosmetically improve the appearance of patients with an eye disfigurement.

The practitioner must decide which type of lens will best suit the circumstances of each particular patient and often there will be a choice of different types each with certain advantages and disadvantages.

A hand painted contact lens can be created to mask defects
and matched up to look the same as the other eye

Tinted and coloured lenses may also have a wide application in a number of indications including: